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The National Prep School Athletic Association (NPSAA)is a federation of academic institutions, sports, and sports medicine organizations who are committed to providing student athletes a comprehensive basketball experience. As part of our mandate to further promote and develop amateur basketball in Canada we are pleased to announce the “2020NPSAA FALLEAGUE”. 

NPSAA would like to invite yourteam to compete in this 2020 league. The league occurs between October and March has the championship games played at the end of March. This full serviced league of 16 teams operates with a dynamic league structure to optimize the competitiveness between teams in the league. 

There are only 8 spots in each of the 2 divisions so if you are interested it is important for you to notify us as soon as possible. All interested teams need to get their application in by October 21, 2020 and the final list of participating teams will be announced on October 23, 2020. The league entry fee of $4,000 is due at that time. Please make cheques payable to: P.H.A.S.E. 1 Sports 

The league registration fee includes thefollowing:

  1. Championship in March
  2. Gym Rentals
  3. Elite 1 Basketball System Recruiting Profile for all athletes
  4. Athletic Therapy onsite for games
  5. Officiating
  6. A guarantee of a minimum of 12games
  7. Awards for all-stars and tournament MVP
  8. Awards for champions, finalists and consolation
  9. Full statistics
  10. Coaching and training support

If you would like to secure your place in the“2020 NPSAA FALL LEAGUE” please contact Nerone Hemmings via email with team information and roster. We look forward to seeing your program compete!

Nerone Hemmings

NPSAA Director